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SEARCWL Does it again - DPhil Graduate - Dr Madenga!!

SEARCWL Does it again - DPhil Graduate - Dr Madenga!!

On Monday 18 March 2019, The University of Zimbabwe issued official... Read more
Wednesday, 20 March 2019 08:14

SEARCWL Does it again - DPhil Graduate - Dr Madenga!!

On Monday 18 March 2019, The University of Zimbabwe issued official communication of Renifa Madenga's successful Dphil (PhD) study. She is now officially Dr Renifa Madenga. Her research is titled "Using Women’s Voices and Experiences to Interrogate the Efficacy of the International Criminal Justice System (ICJS): The Case of the Rwanda 1994 Genocide". She will officially graduate at the next University of Zimbabwe graduation ceremony in August 2019. Hearty congratulations to her for her hard work over the years and making it through to the end despite her demanding work schedules!!.

Dr Renifa Madenga becomes the 7th SEARCWL DPhil graduate after Justice Dr Amy Tsanga, the late Jennifer Okumu-Wengi, Dr Rosalie Katsande, Dr Elizabeth Rutsate, Dr Makanatsa Makonese and Dr Annette Mbogoh.

Dr Madenga has also been appointed to the South Sudan Panel of Experts - a post she secured essentially because of her Masters in Women's Law and especially her DPhil studies on the Rwanda genocide and the work she has also done in Nigeria - Boko Haram survivors actually working in the camps with the women, and in Libya on how to interview survivors of conflict related sexual violence and restorative justice - let alone prosecuting rape. Her work was grounded and essentially practical and it was already being utilized at international level even before her DPhil was awarded. The confirmation of the appointment was given by the Secretary General of the UN Security Council António Guterres. Dr Madenga is in the panel with experts from Norway, South Africa, Russia and Italy.

Dr Madenga guest lectures for SEARCWL regardless of where she is in the world on the Women and the Criminal Justice System elective course sometimes via Skype. There is one lecture she conducted from a Boko Haram survivors camp in Northern Nigeria. She has a wealth of information she is willing to share with students.

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