Women's Law Masters Degree Dissertations 2004-2012


Listed with the most recent first, i.e. from 2012 backwards to 2004.

Shelved in chronological order, starting with 2004, alphabetically by author's name within each year.


Assey, Salome.

A critic [sic!] analysis of the expulsion of pregnant girls from school : a case study of Temeke District, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  68 p.


Banda, Miriam.

Sex education at Chipadze and Herman Gmeiner secondary school(s) in Bindura : contextualizing gender, legal, human rights frameworks and social realities. [Zimbabwe].

84 p.


Buyogera, Farida Awadhi.

Self employed rural women and social security schemes : analysing the efficacy of the community health fund in providing health care services : a case study of Arusha District Council, Tanzania. v, 74 p.

Chayala, Elita Thokozani.

Pregnancy prevention and the right to control fertility by young women aged 15 to 24 years : a case of Lilongwe periurban areas, Malawi.  88 p.


Chimombe, Mike.

Should sexual harassment be criminalised? : a study of selected deparrtments in the public sector of Harare [Zimbabwe].  63 p.


Habashi, Christopher M.

Women's participation in water governance structures of different water providers : a case study of community water projects and water kiosks in Nakuru, Kenya.  xii, 62 p.


Kahamba, Faisal.

An analysis of the efficacy of the Tanzania legal framework in protecting women's social security rights in part time and casual work within Mtwara District : a case study of the Olam Processing Factory.  84 p.


Kali, Litsabako H.

Competing rights between commercial users and ordinary users in accessing natural spring water : a case study of Matukeng, Maseru, Lesotho.  84 p.


Kanyerere, Winnet.

Water in theory, not in practice : interogating the provision of water to women managing visual disability in Epworth and Mabvuku [Zimbabwe].  79 p.


Kishindo, Justus Asante.

An investigation of the imposition and operation of community service for women offenders in Zomba district, Malawi.  65 p.


Kupalelwa, Henry.

The role of community telecentres in promoting rural women farmers' access to agricultural information and markets : a critical eveluation [sic!] of Chinyunyu community multipurpose telecentre in Chongwe District, Zambia.  x,  75 p.


Lobe, Elmina Nfang.

Is the criminalisation of commercial sex workers a deterrent to commercial sex work? : a case of Cameroon.  xi, 67 p.


Mabasa, Portia.

Immunity or impunity : implications of the Zimbabwean privileges, immunities and powers of Parliament Act (Chapter 2:08) on women's effective participation in Parliament.  81 p.


Makunike, Rudo.

Quality of women's employment : an analysis of the vertical representation of women in emplyment in Zimbabwean parastatals.  67 p.


Makweche, Sandra.

Women and girls living with HIV/AIDS and their access to medical care and treatment for opportunistic infections in Harare [Zimbabwe].  xii, 64 p.


Matsvayi, Abigail.

The role of chiefs in women's access to justice : a case study of Chief Makoni, Chief Seke and Chief Chimoyo in Zimbabwe.  82 p.


Mazhandu, Ntombizodwa.

Access to maternal healthcare in the old (planned 1980s) and new (fast track 2000s) resettlement areas : a comparative study of Gwanza, Chitora, and Aberfoyler [Zimbabwe]. 82 p.


Mbita, Charles M.

Women's violent crime against abusive partners in Zambia : a critique of the defence of 'provocation '.  x, 57 p.


Moffat, Sharon.

A critical analysis of women's right of access to water and sanitation and women's work in the informal sector : a case study of Makoni shopping centre and Jambanja markets in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.  80 p.


Mubita, Gloria.

Interrogating the efficacy of the law on neglecting to provide necessities for children in Zambia : an analysis of Section 169 of the Penal Code (Amendment Act no. 15 of 2005) : a study carried out in Chipata, Zambia. xii, 71 p.


Mureithi, Rahab Wakuraya.

The right to peacful existence and participation in peace building initiatives : a gendered critique of the impact and sustainability of peace initiatives in Njoro distric, Kenya.  ix, 72 p.


Muzondo, Pracious.

Rural women's right to maternal health care before, during and after delivery : a focus on women in Romsley resettlement area of Rusape District, Manicaland, Zimbabwe.  xiv, 51 p.


Mwapela, Sam.

The quest for gender equality in Zambia's nursing schools & colleges of education : institutional response to pregnancies in selected colleges in Zambia.  viii, 70 p.


Nawaigo, Connie.

Appropriation of land for agro-fuel production and its effects on women's rural livelihoods and access to land : case study of the ethanol project in Chisumbanje [Zimbabwe].  76 p. + appendices 7 p.


Nyagol, Judith A.

Realising the right to reproductive health : an analysis of maternal health care challenges in Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Nakuru county, Kenya.  83 p.


Nyamapfene, Petronella.

Rethinking the general law of guardianship and adoption in line with the socio-economic realities of double orphans in Zimbabwe.  63 p.


Oundo, Mary Clausina.

A critical analysis of the judicial response to the crime of infanticide : a study carried out in Nairobi, Kenya.  viii, 70 p.


Owenga, Monicah Akoth.

Problematizing domestic violence within Soweto slum in Nairobi country in Kenya. 77 p.


Owino, Anthony.

Interrogating community and family perseptions towards ex-women prisoners after reintegration : a case study of Jinja and selected women prisons in East and Central Uganda.  57 p.


Pali, Puleng.

Addressing challenges of lack of access to clean water for rural women in Lesotho : a case study of Lihlabeng community.  74 p.


Shelly, Cecilia.

Deterrence and awareness value of sensitive reporting of rape cases in the newspapers in Tanzania.  ix, 57 p.


Sibanda, Maureen.

An analysis of false imprisonment on women's right to maternal health : a case study of Harare and Chitungwiza hospitals [Zimbabwe].  82 p.


Simasiku, Phyllis.

"Abstinence iliche!" : a critical analysis of sex health education in selected high schools in Zambia.  xiii, 62 p.


Tandi, Tariro.

A case for the decriminalisation of prostitution? : a critical analysis of the women in prostitution in Harare, Zimbabwe.  77 p.


Thuo, Elizabeth Wangari.

Delivery of services to pregnant women in selected hospitals in Nairobi, Kenya : a critical analysis of the legal and human rights implications.  69 p. + appendices 11 p.



Badibanga, Mpwekela Lyna.

Educational opportunities for refugee women and girls in Zimbabwe : case study of refugee women and girls of Democratic Republic of Congo.  65 p.


Banda, Shadreck.

Challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in small scale gemstone mining : a case study of Itezhi-Tezhi District in Zambia.  87 p.


Bazinzi, Noume Kamateneti.

Accessing the land rights of women : experiences of women living with HIV/AIDS in Ntungamo District, Uganda.  viii, [67]  p.


Chatiza, Fadzai P.

A bride's right to retain her maiden name upon marriage : law vs reality [Zimbabwe].    67 p.


Chawafambira, Chenai  Jaquelyne.

Gender sterotypes in infant primary textbooks and the potential effect it has on the socialisation and ecuational advancement of the girl child : an analysis of selected primary schools in Harare [Zimbabwe].  81 p.


Chuunga, Winstone.

Gender sensivity in training : an avaluastion of the Zambia Police Training College curriculum in Lilayi, Zambia.  x, 70 p.


Deme, Samuel.

Access by a girl with profound visual challenges to primary education in Zimbabwe.     86 p.


Dube, Chifarai M.

Women entrepreneurs and informatio [and] communication technology : an analysis of the efficacy of the use of modern technology in conducting business transactions. [Zimbabwe]  80 p.


Kanthambi, Anneline M.

"More than advice" : an analysis of the implementation of counselling as an effective remedy for women complainants of domestic violence as provided for by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2006 in Malawi. 92 p.


Kombakono, Hamisi.

Reconceptualizing Swahili traditional social security system under utu and ubinadamu values for the benefit of women : a case study of Swahili community in Dar-es-Salaam city, Tanzania. 77 p.


Lyempe, Greenwell.

Dual citizenship as a solution to citizenship challenges faced by women in Zambia : case study of Zambian women married to non-nationals in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces of Zambia. xi, 58 p.


Magorokosho, Rebecca.

"Two years after enactment" : assessing the efficacy of Protection Orders in terms of Domestic Violence Act (Chapter 5:16) No. 14/2006 : a study conducted in Harare, Norton and Chitungwiza [Zimbabwe].  99 p.


Magutu, Annah.

Women and access to employment in mining industry : a case study [of] Barrick North Mara Gold Mine Ltd. [Tanzania]  viii, 73 p.


Makamure, Euna.

The efficacy of the family support trust post-rape counselling for girl/children aged 3 to 12 years in Harare [Zimbabwe]. 69 p.


Makubasa, Spetosomusa.

You can't do it alone, woman! An analysis of the laws and procedures governing the acquiring of travel documents for minor children by women. [Zimbabwe]  75 p.


Malunga, Anthony Jeckson.

Together in reproductive health rights : a policy and strategies analysis on men's involvement in promoting women's sexual and reproductive health rights in Malawi.     90 p.


Malunga, Bernadette Wangisa.

"Remember Portipher's wife" : the rule on corroboration in rape and defilement offences : a systematic violation kof the rights of women and girls in Malawi.  vi, 72 p.


Matiea, Veronica M.

Widows and the right to remarriage in Lesotho : a right at the crossroads.  79 p.


Mbahwe, Alita.

An evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Victim Support Unit in the provision of services to victims of domestic violence in Zambia.  88 p.


Mgonela, Victoria Aidan.

Obstacles and chjallenges faced by disabled women in employment opportunities in the public civil service in Tanzania : a case study of Dar es Salaam.  74 p.


Mnyukwa, Mwanabaraka.

Claiming maintenance for out-of-wedlock children in Tanzania.  vii, 72 p.


Mulama-Wanjala, Judith.

The efficacy of the jurisprudence of equality training in equiping judicial officers to promote gender equality [Kenya]. 80 p.


Mwambwa, Lombe Annie.

Right to the back page : media coverage of women in sport by national newspapers in Zambia : an assessment of state compl;i8ance to women's right to sport.  77 p.


Nkanyemka, Malula Hassan.

Women's entrepreneurship developmentment : a case study of models' assessment in facilitating women to generate social-financial capital in Mwanza City, Tanzania.  97 p.


Obiero, Beldine Atieno.

Sex, consent and power : a case study of sex related cultural practices among the Luo community of Kenya.  xi, 72 p.


Rutsate, Elizabeth Lwanda.

"All that glitters is not gold" : a critical analysis of the impact of illegal gold mining on women's right to a healthy and sustainable environment: a focus on women in Ngorima Communal Lands of Chimanimani District, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe.  94 p.


Shilaho, Caroline V,

Women's bodies as tools of war and terror during the post election violence in Kenya (December 2007-2008) and the implications for justice : experiences of the internally displaced women at Nakuru/Naivasha area. 85 p.


Sinda, Sakina Hussein.

A comparative study on the right to maternal health care of the physically disabled women : a case study of physical [sic!] disabled women in three district [sic!] in Dar es Salaam region, Tanzania.  v, 72 p.


Sinyani, Gilbert.

Assessing state's performance in the provision of voacional training to women in prison : a case study of Kabwe female prison, Zambia.  x, 62 p.


Tima, Bernazitha.

The capacity of the law to address the consequences of domestic violence for women in Tanzania : case study of Bukoba District, Tanzania.  64 p.


Wasike, Rose M.N.

The efficacy of the new Kenyan labour laws of 2007 in addressing maternity leave : women's experiences in Nairobi and Naivasha districts of Kenya.  81 p.




Angelo, Samwel

Blind women and HIV/AIDS information rights in Tanzania : a critial analysis of neglected issues, a case study of Dar es Salaam. - 69 p.


Aryanyijuka, Annet Winfred

The reporting of rape cases to the police : an investigation on how rape victims are handled at the reporting stage at the police station and the bureaucratic procedure of getting the medical report and its impact on the victims of rape in Uganda: Kampala as a case study. - 88 p.


Banda, Timothy Mambi

Silent tears : "The continued violation of widows' inheritance rights in Zambia". A study of widows experiences in Kitwe District of the Copperbelt Province. -

63 p + unpag. app.


Bote, Ellen

Counselling services for suvivors of domestic violence : evaluation of services provided by Musasa Project in Harare [Zimbabwe]. - 83 p.


Chimbaru, Fortune

The burdened witness : catering for the needs of mothers with small children required to give evidence in criminal trials in Zimbabwe. - 59 p.


Chombo, Esme Jynet

Who is fooling who? : women and the (non)management of mentruation in police and court cells in Malawi. - 83 p.


Gumbo, Nicea

Girl child trafficking from Zimbabwe to neighbouring coutries : an analysis of the interventions by government and selected non/governmental organisations. - 80 p.


Justino, Vanda Tereza Domingos

Domestic violence in Mozambique : cultural and legal problems affecting women. A case study of Beleluane District of Matola Province of Mozambique. - 63 p. + unpag. app.


Kamowa, Chimwemwe Patricia

Informed thumb sucking : the challenges, problems faced by the magistrate courts iin distribution of matrimonial property on the dissolution of matrilineal customary marrriages in Blantyre, Malawi. - 60 p.


Kanunka, Peter P.

"Right or privilege" : an investigation into the provision of post esxposure prophylaxix (PEP) to survivors of sexual assault, to reduce the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS. Case study of 7 clinics and 1 hospital in Lusaka [Zambia]. - 63 p.


Katsande, Jigu

Management of sexual harassment against female trainee teachers : a study in teacher training colleges in Harare, Zimbabwe. - 52 p. + unpag. app.


Kiwanuka, Lillianne Namubiru

Getting the Domestic Relations Bill back on the legislative track : challenges, potential interventions and strategies. [Uganda]. - 109 p.


Konosi, Wilfred Nyaundi

The thorns behind blooming roses : the impact of the law on the working conditions of women on flower farms in Naivasha. [Kenya]. - 91 p.


Liwewe, Olivia Margaret Mchaju

A history of diminishing returns : the paradox of women's customary land rights in small scale irrigation scheme reforms in matrilineal societies in southern Malawi. - 82 p.


Mahori, Norman

'Out but not missing out' > a study of the implications and coping strategies resulting from the exclusion of the female dominated informal sector from the national social security schemes in Zimbabwe. - 70 p.


Makonese, Makanatsa

Zimbabwe's forest laws, policies and practices and implications for access, control and ownership of forest resources by rural women. - 72 p. + unpag. app.


Mapepa, Pauline

The implications of the current economic crisis on pregnant women's right to maternal health in Zimbabwe : a case study of Harare Hospital. - 83 p.


Mariwo, Tsitsi

What are we doing to rural women's entrepreneurship? : a case study of the non-recognition and diverted attention of women engaged in vegetable farming in Mutoko. [Zimbabwe] - 103 p.


Mbogoh, Annette Mudola

"Bangaiza na Mzungu" : a critical analysis of laws and policies and their effectiveness in the prevention, suppression and punishment of sex tourism involving the youth in Mombasa, Kenya. - 96 p. + unpag. app.


Mgomba, Fatuma Adam

Islamic marriages : early marriages and HIV/AIDS in Tabora, Tanzania. - 95 p.


Muhanji, Alexandriah

The gendered effects of gazzetement (sic!) of indigenous land as a game reserve : a case study of the Endorois tribe in relation to Lake Bogoria Game Reserve, Rift Valley. [Kenya]. - 79 p.


Mupfeka, Loveness

Participation of rural women in local governance in Murewa District : women walking political paths! [Zimbabwe]  - 69 p.


Murinda, Priscillah

Access to legal aid for indigent women : an analysis of the services offered by the Legal Aid Directorate in Harare. [Zimbabwe] - 73 p.


Musonda, Lloyd

The role of the police in dealing with victims of sexual assault with specific focus on rape cases in Lusaka town in Zambia : a critical analysis of strengths, constraints and challenges. - 68 p.


Mwenegoha, Hamisa Omari

Women's reproductive rights and autonomy under Islam as they intersect with human rights entitlements and customary norms and practices in Tanzania : Lushoto as case study. - 73 p.


Natukunda, Pheonah

Women and domestic violence in Uganda : a case study of refugee women in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in south western Uganda. - 61 p.


Ntagara, Celestine E.

A lesson in practicalities : provision and delivery of health to women in the informal sector via Naional Social Security Fund. [Tanzania] - 54 p.


Nyongesa, Grace C.

Right to land, clean water, food and shelter : a case study of the gendered effects on squatters of the Constitution's failure to address these rights in Mogoto, Kenya. - 78 p.


Ondieki, Alice Osebe

Critical analysis of the efficacy of the Sexual Offences Act no.3 of 2006 in protecting the rights of rape victims in Kenya : a case study of the conduct of rape trials in Nairobi, Kibera and Makadara Law Courts. - 82 p. + unpag.app.


Rutachokozibwa, Grace Vedasto

Can we make it happen? : initiating and driving the process of drafting and passing domestic violence legislation in Tanzania. - 82 p.


Rutakolezibwa, Augustine

The potential for the utilisation of defences or provocation and self defence for women in Tanzania who kill their violent intimate partners : barriers and opportunities. - 72 p. + unpag.app.

Thabethe, Sithokozile Nyaradzo

"A case of culture gone awry" : an investigation of female initiation ceremonies and Nyau dance vigils on the rights of teenage girls to education and sexual reproductive health amonst (sic!) migrant communities in Norton. [Zimbabwe] - 70 p.



Achiume, Paul C.

Domestic violence in Zambia : in bed with a killer : police responses to domestic violence. - 86 p.


Bankika, Margaret J.

The Woes of rural pregnant women in Tanzania : a case studies(!) of rural women in Morogoro community. - 87 p.


Chakwana, Christobel Deliwe

Women in decision making positions within the public sector : a study of challenges and experiences for strategic intervention and law reform in Malawi. - vi, 79 p. + appendices.


Chamkakala, Masauko M.E.

Coping with unwanted pregnancies : the gruesome realities of illegal backdoor abortions in Malawi. - xv, 99 p.


Chisaka, Nsama Nkaka

An Analysis of the efficacy of the Zambian legal framework and other administrative measures to curb trafficking in young women from and through Zambia. - 77 p. + appendices.


Fletcher, Ruth M.

Addressing gender-based violence in Malawi : an analysis of the factors delaying the passing of the proposed Preventon of Domestic Violence Bill. - v, 52 p. + appendices.


Kabasa, Evangelista

In search of relief for the rape victim : making the criminal justice system work for her. [Zimbabwe.] - v, 68 p..


Kamya, Michael

Exploring programme issues in meeting the right to adult basic education services in fishing communities : the case of Kalangala district. [Uganda.] - 72, 19 p.


Katsande, Rosalie K.

Women's access to potable water and sanitation as a human right : a case study of Alaska and Shackleton settlements in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe. - 76 p.


Kudya, Lilian Farisayi

A Critique of the operation of the law in respect of the prosecution and trials of rape cases involving girls aged eight years and below in Zimbabwe. - 66 p.


Kyokunzire, Betty

Is criminalization of commercial sex work in Uganda an answer? : a case study of commercial sex workers in Kampala. - xii, 92 p.


Makomva, Benhilda

Gender sensitivity in drafting : beyond he and she. [Zimbabwe.] - 66, 3 p.


Matakala, Musialela

Rural women's access to health service delivery in light of human rights and international conventions on health. [Zambia.] - 76 p.


Matizha, Caroline

A Stumbling block or foundation builder : as assessment of the Ministry of Women Affairs in promoting women's rights in Zimbabwe. - 62 p.


Maunga, Mary A.

An Analysis of the efficacy of the law of marital rape in Zimbabwe. - vii, 58 p.


Mazambani, Delis

Rendered homeless by order : an analysis of gender implications of Operation Restore Order. [Zimbabwe.] - 71 p.


Mesikano, Charlotte Wezi

The Quest for a gender sensitive budget : an analysis of the role of women parliamentarians during budget sessions in Malawi. - 85 p.


Mutama, Esther R.

An Analysis of masculine perspectives in HIV and AIDS laws, policies and programming for the realisation of women's health rights. [Zimbabwe.] - 67 p.


Mwakyambiki, Sarah E.

Children with disabilities and the right to education : experience from selected primary schools at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. - 100 p.


Nyanjom, Jennifer

Chi liel : problematizing the social status of the 'Wife of the grave' in Luo customary tradition. [Kenya.] - 100 p.


Nyasulu, Dorothy

Investigating the gendered dynamics of women's access to voluntary testing and counselling in Malawi : a case study of Macro and Napham in Lilongwe. - 92 p. 


Nyirenda, Abson

Domestic violence in Zambia : the prosecution of cases involving women suffering domestic violence in Ndola and Kitwe districts of Zambia. - 76 p.


Odeny, Millicent A.

Privatization, commercialization of water services and its implication for women's access to and control of water : a case study of Njoro Community water project. [Kenya.] - 75 p.


Ondieki, Evans

Culture and traditions among the Abagusii community influence the practice of genital mutilation : grounded notions and perspectives about male and female attitudes on how to maintain cultural identity without a cut. [Kenya.] - xxiii,

104 p.


Otieno, Anastasia

Gender and sexuality in Kenyan education system : is history repeating itself? : an exploratory study of information on sexuality within Nakuru town. - 82 p.


Pendame, Lucius

The Socio-economic and legal position of domestic workers in Malawi : a case study of Zomba municipality. - vi, [3], 74, xii p.


Rusere, Netty

Justice delayed is justice denied : the experiences of applicants for termination of pregnancy in rape situations under Termination of Pregnancy Act in Zimbabwe. - 69 p.


Rweyemamu, Leticia V.K.

Child custody in Tanzania : judicial implementation of the principle of the best insterest of the child in matters relating to custody : a case study of court decisions from Ilala District, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. - xiii, 66 p.


Siveregi, Joyce

A Critical analysis of the pursuit of the feminist agenda through the experiences of women's legal rights organisations in Zimbabwe. - 74 p.


Wabwire, Anselm

An Investigation into the law and legal response to acid attacks on individuals in the Kampala region of Uganda : what are the gendered social effects on the victims? - 69 p.



Acar, Gregory

Urban refugee settlements : a case of Kampala self-settled women refugees [Uganda]. -  79 p.


Afonso, Irene da Oração

Access to clean water in the Southern Region of Mozambique and its implication to girls’ right to education. - 59 p.


Amara, George Odongo

Role of women in peace-building in Kenya : focusing on the 1992 Rift Valley land clashes. -  90 p.


Ashu Egbe, Hannah

An Assessment of the role of financial credit for rural women in extending their palm nut farms: The case study of South West Cameroon. - 70 p.


Chabala, Charles

Forest management in Zambia : a focus on women’s access to forest resources management in chief Chiwala’s area Masaiti District-Zambia. - 65 p.


Kaluwa, Collen N.

An Analysis of legal and socio-economic realities confronting distillers and vendors of illicit liquor (Kachasu) in Zomba, Malawi. - 74 p.


Kang'ethe, Njeri

Papa I want to go to school : universal free and compulsory primary education under The Children Act 2001 : some of the barriers to achieving substantive equal access for the girl child in Kenya : a case study at Aic Kajiado School. -  87 p.


Kanyengo, Kakulwa B.

A Study of lives of sexually active teenagers and their access to contraceptive services in Lusaka (Urban) and Sesheke ( Rural) Zambia. - 70 p.


Kwariko, Mwanaisha A.

The Problem of child labour in Tanzania : an explorative study of child labour in relation to fishing industry and related support activities in Iringa District of Tanzania, with specific reference to Mtera Dam. - 94 p.


Kyomukama, Samuel

Sexual harassment at the workplace : a case study of the Uganda Police. - 77 p.


Makoni, Catherine

Mandatory partner notification versus the right to confidentiality in HIV and AIDS : balancing competing rights. [Zimbabwe]. - 75 p.


Mapala, Martha

Traditional marriage counsellors and HIV/AIDS : a study of Alangizi National Association of Zambia in Lusaka. - 78 p.


Mekonnen, Hiwote

Gendered implication of access to clean water on the girl child : a case study in two rural villages in Ethiopia. -  76 p.


Mesu, Janita C.

‘Kunze Kwachinja’ or ‘The weather has changed’ : women in formal and informal employment and the impact that earning wages and /or being an employer has on status, gender and family relationships : a case study of a small craft business in Harare, Zimbabwe. - 139 p.


Mushi, Felistas J.

A Woman in the intersection : the conflict between civil and canon laws in relation to marriage and divorce in Tanzania : a case study of Arusha District. -  83 p.


Muyongo, Paul M.

The Endangered girl child : evaluating of the reporting procedures and environment of defilement cases in the Zambia police service. - 71 p.


Ncube, Sethulo

Legal assistance for indigent women : a critical analysis of services provided by Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association in Bulawayo. - 59 p.


Nghifindaka, N.A.C.

The Protecting of inheritance rights of women and men : the experience of Herero in the Erongo Region. - 83 p.


Nyoni, Innocentia

An Analysis of  battered women who kill : is there a case for advocating for the battered women syndrome under the defence of provocation in Zimbabwe? - 76 p.


Odour, Jacinta A.

Following God’s constitution  : the gender dimensions in the Ogiek claim to the Mau Forest Complex in Kenya. - 70 p.


Pima, Janet

Domestic violence against refugee women : a case study of Kibondo refugee camps in Western Tanzania. - 70 p.


Rueben , Anna

Law reform strategies : a critical analysis of the ZWLA lobbying and advocacy program for marriage law reform. [Zimbabwe]. - 86 p.


Ruombwa, Victor

Exploring the legal and social parameters of equal and joint parental responsibility of minor children in Zimbabwe. - 66 p.


Talakinu, Carina M.

The Zambian Women Parliamentarians’ Caucus : making in-roads in the legislative process. - 86 p.


Twea, Stella

Women as offenders : the social and legal circumstances of women who commit crimes : a case study of selected prisons in Malawi. - 87 p. 


Zvedi, Olivia

Addressing training challenges : the Judicial College of Zimbabwe. - 87 p.




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