Women and Law

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This book, written by SEARCWL full time staff and guest lecturers, is a ‘must read’ and 'must have' for academics, researchers, students, gender practitioners and trainers who work with issues of women, gender and the law. It explains how various Masters courses offered at SEARCWL are taught, researched and analysed in a world where law has tended to neglect women’s experiences as regards its effects on the ground. Research in all the courses addresses the central concern of women as ‘subjects of law’ i.e. their lived realities.

In the book, new strategies, methodologies and methods of teaching law and conducting research are explored by engaging women’s experiences with the law in various legal disciplines. These include feminist perspectives and women oriented approaches to teaching and researching cross cutting courses such as social justice, human rights, gender and sexuality, masculinities and access to resources in addition to traditional legal disciplines of jurisprudence, criminal law, family law, labour and commercial law.  Contributors draw on their practical examples from teaching courses at SEARCWL-UZ. The book discusses what has been taught and how it has been taught.

ISBN: 9781779221445   Size: 452 pages

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