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The Masters programme runs over a period of 18 months split into 3 semesters. In the first semester all students cover the following 4 compulsory courses:-

  1. Research Methodologies and Methods in Women's Law
  2. Theories and Perspectives in Women's Law
  3. Human Rights and Women - Concepts and Issues 
  4. Practical Course

In the second semester candidates choose two optional courses from the list given below:

  1. Women, Commerce and Law in Africa
  2. Women, Family, Social Realities and the Law
  3. Women, Law Reform and Social Justice Strategies
  4. Masculinities, Gender and the Law
  5. Women, Land, Environmental Resources and the Law
  6. Gender Law and Sexuality
  7. Women, Labour and Social Security
  8. Women and the Criminal Justice System

All previous students have found it such a huge challenge choosing from such a pool of useful courses. They have always wished to have done all of the optional courses as they have found the knowledge gained invaluable. They wish to have shared the knowledge with all their colleagues.

In the third semester, candidates carry out Field Research in their own home country for their dissertation and receive field supervision. The write up of the dissertation takes place at the SEARCWL, University of Zimbabwe.

Qualifications for Enrollment into the Masters Programme

A candidate must normally have a first degree in Law in the second division or above. However, candidates with a lower academic ranking who have proven work and research experience in the field of women's law and related issues, may be considered. Candidates with first degrees in other disciplines may also be considered if they have achieved the appropriate academic standard and have relevant post-graduate experience in areas related to women, children and the law. All applicants are required to submit a 500 word outline of how they believe the Masters in Women's Law will assist them in their work or national outreach activities. Successful candidates are expected to make their own leave arrangements. Basic scholarships may be provided to successful applicants.

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