Details for The HIV:AIDS problem and customary marriages among the Baganda in Uganda:

Name:The HIV:AIDS problem and customary marriages among the Baganda in Uganda:

The Baganda are the largest ethnic group in Uganda and are based in the southern part where Kampala City is located. This paper focuses on customary marriages, norms and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection within this group. It discusses the social and cultural determinants that can predispose married people to HIV infection through high-risk behaviour. It discusses briefly the ideological basis for customary law and adopts a social-legal perspective of legal pluralism. This paper aims to highlight some areas of customary law marriage that are risky and in need of reform due to the problem of HIV/AIDS and discusses the complexity of sexual behaviour and the vulnerability of wives. It is intended to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the promotion of mutual and responsible behaviour in marriage and to generate debate on other aspects of behaviour that may not be covered by this brief. It is primarily based on qualitative research I conducted through in-depth interviews with married men and women and focus group discussions, for a post-graduate diploma in women’s law.

By Christopher Martin Madrama Izama

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