Pursuing Grounded Theory

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Pursuing Grounded Theory in Law is written by five experts from Southern africa and Scandinavia who have vast expertise in teaching and research that integrate empirical data about women's lived experiences into Law. The research methodologies presented in the book should be of use to both lawyers and social scientists seeking an understanding of changing law and gender relations in plural systems of law in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Skills in Data collection, fieldwork methods, interpretation of fieldwork data and integration of the findings into a framework of legal analysis are provided. University lecturers conducting courses in women's law, gender studies, law and development studies, research methodologies and those dealing with customary law and 'living law' should find the book particularly useful.

The issues that are raised in this book are not unique to African countries or to women's law studies. The methodologies can be adapted by researchers to other types of investigations directed at the intersection of law and reality, which exists literally everywhere.